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EPDM grip


Special non-slip EPDM grip suitable for contact rods. This grip is one of the most used grips for contact all over the world.

Fringes - rotation retarder


Rotating rubber fringes for contact staffs. Simple installation on the staff using adhesive tape.

X3 speaker


X3 speaker

Turn the music anytime and anywhere

Ideal for leisure activities

very storable

Lazy Bag


Lazy Bag

Wallow and relax anytime and anywhere. You can inflate quickly and easily! Only a few times you wave, cap and bag full of air.

Carries up to 200 kg

Hammock for two


Hammock for two

The best hammock for two in the market. A unique suspension system that will put a great rest wherever you are.

Remafluid DSP 30


Special non-grease fuel suitable for indoor fireshow.

Grip for staff


A luxurious grip to help be master of your staff! Foam grip with silicone surface is beautifully soft and also holds perfectly. You don\'t have to be so worried that your staff will slip out of your hand!

Benefits program

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