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Dragon stick


Brand new toy for those, who like to play with sticks. It\'s not flowerstick, devilstick and not even dragon staff. Introducing Dragon stick! By using stick you can combine a variety of styles. So it\'s just up to you and your creativity!

Do you dare for Dragon stick?

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Photon staff

$401 -27% $549

Photon staff

Finally it\'s here! After long time of development we are happy to announce our smart full pixel staff with luxury resolution. Your performance will have a completely new dimension. Thanks to the digital software everything can be easily prepared in your PC and uploaded to your poi. Wi-fi synchronization and accelerometer will help you to make your show even more tremendous! More information below. 

cyr wheel New

Cyr wheel


Cyr wheel

Special artistic item for acrobatic figure. Also known as roue wheel. The circus performer is standing inside, spinning the hoop like a coin.

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$233 -10% $259


A specially developed contact staff for travelers that you can recharge anytime, anywhere with a micro USB just like a phone! The staff is easily and quickly assembled from 3 pieces with quick couplings. This contact staff has been specially designed to maximize the effect of your artistic performance. Thanks to the really nice weight and perfect balance, the bar is easy to handle.

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Photon hula hoop

$359 -10% $399

State-of-the-art LED hula hoop processing! Fully programmable hula hoop can display any pictures, various patterns and effects. Everything can be perfectly programmed into the timeline. This will give your show a whole new dimension, because there is no limit to programming a hula hoop. Wifi sychnronization will help you to run even more devices perfectly. The body is made of only 20mm wide Poly Pro tube. Resolution is 130 - 180 pixels by the size of hula hoop.

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