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Contact staff - Traveler


Contact staff - Traveler

Easily separable contact staff. Suitable for jugglers who travel a lot. Contact staff is intended to handling around the body. Really good balancing assist you in the rotation. Easy connection with quick click system. The most using EPDM grip is ideal for contact rolls. Ends are equipped with rubber so as to avoid injury.

Training Dragon staff - Ignis


Dragon staff - Ignis

Special contact staff with the cross bar at the ends. At both ends are attached to four other rods, through which the staff rotates slower, so there is a unique style of juggling.

Training juggling staff - Ignis


Training juggling staff - Ignis
Short trainning staff suitable for handling, screening and juggling.

The ends are equiped by extremely durable rubber that makes getting the required momentum rod in rotations and will thus revolve more. For training rises we prioritize the same characteristics as the fire staffs.



PRACTICE contact staff - Ignis

A little different style than the classic juggling with normal staff. The base is put into motion the subject through his body, not his hands. Helping you will balance itself, which is done so that you stick perfectly kept. The ends are burdened with robust rubber, so the staff is very resistant to shock.

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