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  • $ 368 $ 409 -10%
    $ 368 $ 409 -10%

    LED Dragon staff Super bright separable Dragon staff, which light up everything around you. This product is demountable into 3 parts and connected by screws, therefore it is very easy to transport. Thanks to various modes and different colors that you set thanks to control, you create amazing shapes.

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  • $ 157 $ 174 -10%
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    $ 157 $ 174 -10%

    COLOR LED poi Very strong and highly luminous LED poi for your light show. Perfect weight balance is very good for doing various tricks. Light up everything around you without the help of artificial lights for several hours. Choice of different colors and modes via remote control and attract your audience!

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  • $ 253
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    $ 253

    RAINBOW CONTACT STAFF Special contact staff with two asynchronously ligting sections on one side. The contact staff has been specially designed for maximum effect of your artistic performances. Thanks to a really nice weight and perfect balance is staff really easy for handling. It helps you also rotation retarder, which prevents the staff to spin up by...

  • $ 124 $ 138 -10%
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    $ 124 $ 138 -10%

    COLOR LED staff - Ignis Very strong and highly luminous LED staff for your light show. Perfect weight balance. Light up everything around without the help of artificial lights. Choice of different colors and modes via remote control. Smart charger and driver is included.

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  • $ 151
    $ 151

    Rainbow clubs We have created a real speciality for you and every juggler to become a star with. Supported by the world-known club manufacturer Mister Babache we have created ideally balanced clubs that are exceptionally durable and super easy to juggle. So just how many are you gonna keep up in the air?

  • $ 174
    $ 174

    LED nunchaku - IgnisHigh-luminance LED nunchacku with remote control. Show the world your fight art and light up everything around you. Choice of different colors and modes via remote control. Smart charger and drivers are included. Each part can be adjusted independently. High resistance due to protection glass. Nunchaku connected by string....

  • $ 253
    $ 253

    RAINBOW CONTACT SWORDDo you have experience with the contact juggling? So do not hesitate, because with our sword can be every light fighter! A specially designed sword is similar to a contact staff. Thanks to a shorter side and perfect balance, your viewers will be amazed. Just light up and become a star ninja in a moment.

  • $ 749
    $ 749

    Most luminous pixel poi on the market! Thanks to these poi you will be really visible, and it's overwhelming! Paint around you a variety of patterns and so you can create really stunning effect, by which anyone will be unmoved. Modern technology and juggling with poi go hand in hand, so what are you waiting for?

  • $ 414
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    $ 414

    Unique pixel levistick which they playfully draw a variety of images, logos or letters is finally here! The latest technology along with your dance will open mouths wide across your audience. This levitation stick, or flow wand, can really conjure up various pictures, which you can simple upload via our program.

  • $ 161
    $ 161

    Color LED torch High lumious rechargeable RGB flashlight specially developed for lightpainting. This light is compatible with the light painting brushesa universal connector. Charging with smart charger with charging indicator. Double protection battery.

  • $ 138
    $ 138

    TriX poi Very durable and high bright LED poi with RF remote control. These poi were specially developed for demanding spinners who know what they want! We were inspired by the contact poi, which had become the most popular poi worldwide. With less weight and overall size are poi becomes really easy to handle, even for sophisticated tricks.

  • $ 184
    $ 184

    RGB LED HULA HOOP - IGNIS Pimped out hula hoop for those who know how to shake their hips. Were you looking for perfection? You are looking at the right product. Not only that this hula hoop shines, this hula hoop will listen. Using a radio controller, tell him any mode or color you ever wished about.Few clicks and your hula hoop is at your door. What are...

  • $ 184
    $ 184

    The brightest flowerstick in the world! Thanks to state-of-the-art components, we can offer you a unique lighting flowerstick with remote control. Do not be late and show how you can spin it. Professional glowing wand for those who want to take a shot. So what are you waiting for?

  • $ 184
    $ 184

    IGNIS LEVISTICK You'd better sit down because you're looking at the most luminous levistick on the market! With our levitation wand you will be a star that everyone will see, even in the neighboring village. And that is not all, what this beauty can do. Our levistick handle 20 colors and 19 different modes. We stuffed all of it into just a 20mm wide tube,...

  • $ 303
    $ 303

    Magic pixel stick for lightpainting, which lets you draw a variety of shapes or sequences of pictures. With modern technology, you can upload and then render anything that comes in your mind and thanks to, you can take a photo in completely different dimension. You just have to order and go for it!

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