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LED dragon staff modules


During the creation of this Dragon staff modules, we overworked all our brains but finally made it. Our new top-notch LED modules are attachable to stick whenever and wherever you want. Just put it all together and voilà, your new dragon stuff is ready. Are you ready to shine? Just order and have it at home in no time.

Photon poi 170px sale

Photon poi 170

$1,169 -10% $1,299

Photon poi

After long time of development we are happy to announce our smart pois with luxury resolution of 170 pixels for only 37,4 cm. Thanks to the digital software everything can be easily prepared in your PC and uploaded to your poi. Wi-fi synchronization and accelerometer will help you to make your show even more tremendous! More information below. 



$233 -10% $259


A specially developed contact staff for travelers that you can recharge anytime, anywhere with a micro USB just like a phone! The staff is easily and quickly assembled from 3 pieces with quick couplings. This contact staff has been specially designed to maximize the effect of your artistic performance. Thanks to the really nice weight and perfect balance, the bar is easy to handle.

Photon hula hoop


State-of-the-art LED hula hoop processing! Fully programmable hula hoop can display any pictures, various patterns and effects. Everything can be perfectly programmed into the timeline. This will give your show a whole new dimension, because there is no limit to programming a hula hoop. Wifi sychnronization will help you to run even more devices perfectly. The body is made of only 20mm wide Poly Pro tube. Resolution is 130 - 180 pixels by the size of hula hoop.




Special contact staff with two asynchronous lightning parts on the one side. This contact staff was specially designed for maximal effects of your art performance. You can easily control the staff thanks to its really lightweight and perfectly balanced equilibrium. With the new 5V version, the weight layout is even more perfect and last but not least, you can charge it anywhere and any time with a micro USB charger, as you would do with your phone. You will fall in love with this new V5 version. Find out more information below. ↓↓↓

LED Cyr wheel


We have a luxurious treat for you! Now you looking at pimped LED Cyr wheel, which lit up many of souls. It is equipped with many, many, many RGB LEDs, so the light effect is just fascinating. If you involve a little bit of your acrobatics, you won\'t miss the applause and open mouths of your audience. We would tell you what is the exact number, but this time it depends on the size of the Cyr wheel and the number of lines (1-2). You will get ability to change colors and modes with the remote control or charge simply is via micro USB. But that is not all... Let’s read more bellow ↓↓↓ 


Photon Cyr wheel


Photon CYR wheel / Roue Wheel / pixel

Another member has been added to our fully programmable Photon family. This giant will show you complete splendor and will listen to you until the very last word. The pixel cyr wheel with a resolution of approx. 300-360 LEDs on both sides will light up everything around you and you will look really stylish. You can upload anything you can think of in it, be it a picture or some wild passage of light and all this in perfect harmony with the music. Více informací najdeš níže. ↓↓↓



Are you a POI person with your whole heart? If so, then we created something just perfect for you! Amazing transparent contact POI, which will light up everything around you. Still not enough for you? They hold 15 highly luminous RGB LEDs which results in amazing light and thanks to the RF controller you can easily change the colour of your choice. POIs are easily chargeable with a micro USB just like your phone, so you can be the star anywhere and anytime you just desire. Mate, this is exactly what you want! More info you can find below. ↓↓↓



Ultra luminous LED fan for dance and manipulation a range of colors and different effects. Light up everything around you without the help of artificial lights. Choice of different colors and modes thanks to remote control. Smart charger and drivers are included.

TriX poi


TriX poi v.3
Very durable and high bright LED poi with RF remote control. These poi were specially developed for demanding spinners who know what they want! We were inspired by the contact poi, which had become the most popular poi worldwide. With less weight and overall size are poi becomes really easy to handle, even for sophisticated tricks.



COLOR LED staff v.2

You are looking at one of the most popular staff we offer!
Very durable and highly luminous LED staff for your show. Perfect weight distribution, thanks to which it is also ideal as a contact staff! Thanks to this staff, you will light everything around you without any additional lighting. Possibility to choose different colors and modes thanks to the And that\'s not all, the new version is working on 5V! You can charge at festivals, in the car, from the power bank ... Just like your phone using micro USB, anywhere you can think of. Learn more below. 

Photon contact poi


We’ve been racking our brains for so long on how to take our Pois to another level. We sacrificed sleep, drank hectolitres of coffee and worked long nights until we finally made it! Fully programmable pixels Poi are here! Unique rendering poi with an amazing resolution of 36px, WiFi synchronisation and accelerometer will please every juggler\'s heart.These Pois are the Mercedes of their field. The LED module is inside of a softened PVC ball, which makes these Pois highly damage-resistant. Create a program and get started spinning! For more info scroll down↓↓↓

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