Package Insurance

All our packages are covered by insurance. Therefore, in the case of the damaged product or the packaging, please send photos and we will cover damage product with the carrier and send a new item right away.

Delivery Time

Czechia: In case you place your order until 9 am and we have the product in our warehouse, you can get a package already following day.

World: To other parts of the world we can deliver packages already in 48h from placing order. However, we would highly recommend to check product availability by contacting us on to be sure.

Please check the package when delivered by the courier. If you see any damage, write a document about the package damage with it, or do not accept the package for the time being and contact us. 

14-day Return

In case of dissatisfaction, you can send the product back even without stating the reason. The return needs to be made 14th day, as the latest, after you received the product. the product must not show any signs of wear.


 In the case of returning product customers cover delivery expenses on their own as it's not the case of reclamation. Therefore, after receiving the product,

we will take off the price for delivery from the final price of the product we will be returning to you.

Products Warranty

All our products have 2 years' guarantee product performance from the purchase of the product. After that period, you can use our fix services, where you can send your product to fix and will specify price based on the problem.

Reclamation – How does it work?

In case of a damaged product in guarantee 2 years period you can contact us on

 To email write your order number, attach photos of product and damage within the description of the damage and how did that happen. 

 After analyzing of reclamation documents we will get back to you with a decision about the next steps.

Once reclamation is approved we will cover all the expanse you had and send it to you within the price of the product.

Is it possible to fix the damaged product even after 2 years guarantee? 

Yes, in case you have a problem after 2 years guarantee, we are still providing repairing service for you. It is necessary to note, that this service includes repair payment, as it is after 2 years guarantee. The approximate price of the repair will be calculated 

based on information and photo documentation.

In this case, customers cover delivery expenses on their own.

I have an idea and i would like to realize it! 

I case, you have an idea or a special requisition, you can send us an email describing your exact vision. We examine your request and get back to you with an estimated price from us.