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Cyr wheel


Cyr wheel

Special artistic item for acrobatic figure. Also known as roue wheel. The circus performer is standing inside, spinning the hoop like a coin.

Fire star



Do you want to refresh your show with something that no one else has? Then this folding star is just for you! We have both version. Only construction for wrapping with Kevlar or LED lights. Alternatively, we will wrap it for you with Kevlar wick.

juggling cube - folding


Cube - folding
Separable cube. The cube rotates especialy around the body and thanks to that it creates a very nice effect.
In the case of interest are possible other dimensions.
Steel corners that are almost indestructible.

Rola bola


Rola bola

balancing toy, which you have to keep your balance.

LED reflector


LED light

Specially designed reflectors on assist lamp for show, filming or any other application.

Aerial hoop


Thinking about what to try next? Try our new Aerial hoop, which will take you to the heights of hanging acrobatics. Spin in a hoop tied in the air and show what your body can do. I\'m sure you\'ll sweat a lot, but that\'s the point. This hoop is made of steel and we will make it for you in various diameters and color combinations.

juggling plate


juggling plate
using chopsticks are trying to spin a plate
Price per plate including wands



Lightweight aluminum sticks burdened at the ends intended for manipulation, such as an S-staff. The ends are equipped with knobs that are available in various colors according to your wishes.



The Tumbler is specifically shaped and weighted for tricks. Totally symetrical and made from three laters of wool, this hat is heavy and round enough to make throws, rolls, spins and tumbles a cinch.

Remote launchers for pyrotechnic effects


Remote launchers for pyrotechnic effects

Today is widely used condiment for your pyrotechnics show. That\'s why you have this system for firing 12 chanels on 3 different paces.

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