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Dragon stick


Brand new toy for those, who like to play with sticks. It\'s not flowerstick, devilstick and not even dragon staff. Introducing Dragon stick! By using stick you can combine a variety of styles. So it\'s just up to you and your creativity!

Do you dare for Dragon stick?

Levistick - Flowand


Levistick - Flowand
magic wand flammable on a steel wire. Thanks to Kevlar in both sides will stick perfectly manageable even when burning out.

Fire stick


Fire stick

Easy to use and very durable stick.
The body is made of aluminum alloy tube 12mm diameter. The center is covered with silicones tube, so beautifully holds a stick to guide the wand.

Fire flowerstick


Fire - flowerstick

This fiery flowerstick is specially designed so that the handling was as simple as possible.

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