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Photon Levistick

$399 -20% $499

Unique pixel levistick which they playfully draw a variety of images, logos or letters is finally here! The latest technology along with your dance will open mouths wide across your audience. This levitation stick, or flow wand, can really conjure up various pictures, which you can simple upload via our program. Harry Potter will envy to you!



Special levistick with digital technology with up to 300 different modes that make the amazing effect during manipulation. Levistick is designed as a contact, mainly due to its size and weight. This is not a programmable levistick depicting images!



The brightest flowerstick in the world!

Thanks to state-of-the-art components, we can offer you a unique lighting flowerstick with remote control. Do not be late and show how you can spin it. Professional glowing wand for those who want to take a shot. So what are you waiting for?




You\'d better sit down because you\'re looking at the most luminous levistick on the market! With our levitation wand you will be a star that everyone will see, even in the neighboring village. And that is not all, what this beauty can do. Our levistick handle 20 colors and 19 different modes. We stuffed all of it into just a 20mm wide tube, so manipulation is seriously easy!



LED Flowerstick
High luminous flowerstick for technical tricks in the possible design 4 colors (white, red, blue, green) - write notes.
Silicone surface is not only for better distributes light but also holds perfectly on poles and thus handling becomes very simple.



LED Levistick
Get the audience with perfect manipulation with illuminating stick in the form of levistick. With an invisible fishing line you show incomprehensible levitation, you can better enrich the dance.
Please note that Flow Wand is learned to easy manipulate even though it can handle a variety of crashes, is not unbreakable! 

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