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Cyr wheel


Cyr wheel

Special artistic item for acrobatic figure. Also known as roue wheel. The circus performer is standing inside, spinning the hoop like a coin.

Photon Cyr wheel


Photon CYR wheel / Roue Wheel / pixel

Another member has been added to our fully programmable Photon family. This giant will show you complete splendor and will listen to you until the very last word. The pixel cyr wheel with a resolution of approx. 300-360 LEDs on both sides will light up everything around you and you will look really stylish. You can upload anything you can think of in it, be it a picture or some wild passage of light and all this in perfect harmony with the music. Více informací najdeš níže. ↓↓↓

LED Cyr wheel


We have a luxurious treat for you! Now you looking at pimped LED Cyr wheel, which lit up many of souls. It is equipped with many, many, many RGB LEDs, so the light effect is just fascinating. If you involve a little bit of your acrobatics, you won\'t miss the applause and open mouths of your audience. We would tell you what is the exact number, but this time it depends on the size of the Cyr wheel and the number of lines (1-2). You will get ability to change colors and modes with the remote control or charge simply is via micro USB. But that is not all... Let’s read more bellow ↓↓↓ 

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