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  • $ 106
    $ 106

    LightsaberA uniquely baked shining sword in our oven, like from your mum. This sword shines with different colors and modes. Painting with light has never been easier!

  • $ 279
    $ 279

    Magic pixel stick for lightpainting, which lets you draw a variety of shapes or sequences of pictures. With modern technology, you can upload and then render anything that comes in your mind and thanks to, you can take a photo in completely different dimension. You just have to order and go for it!

  • $ 111 $ 148 -25%
    $ 111 $ 148 -25%

    Color LED torch High lumious rechargeable RGB flashlight specially developed for lightpainting. This light is compatible with the light painting brushesa universal connector. Charging with smart charger with charging indicator. Double protection battery.

    Reduced price!
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