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  • $ 368 $ 409 -10%
    $ 368 $ 409 -10%

    LED Dragon staff Super bright separable Dragon staff, which light up everything around you. This product is demountable into 3 parts and connected by screws, therefore it is very easy to transport. Thanks to various modes and different colors that you set thanks to control, you create amazing shapes.

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  • $ 129 $ 151 -15%
    $ 129 $ 151 -15%

    Rainbow clubs We have created a real speciality for you and every juggler to become a star with. Supported by the world-known club manufacturer Mister Babache we have created ideally balanced clubs that are exceptionally durable and super easy to juggle. So just how many are you gonna keep up in the air?

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  • $ 129 $ 161 -20%
    $ 129 $ 161 -20%

    Color LED torch High lumious rechargeable RGB flashlight specially developed for lightpainting. This light is compatible with the light painting brushesa universal connector. Charging with smart charger with charging indicator. Double protection battery.

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  • $ 15 $ 20 -25%
    $ 15 $ 20 -25%

    Handsticks Juggle Dream 'Superglass' diabolo handsticks are strong, lightweight and come with comfortable padded EVA rubber handles. Unlike some basic sticks, the string passes straight into the top of the handstick and comes out a few centimetres down on one side. This removes the knot from the top of the stick making some new moves possible and others...

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