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$151 -5% $159

COLOR LED staff v.2

You are looking at one of the most popular staff we offer!
Very durable and highly luminous LED staff for your show. Perfect weight distribution, thanks to which it is also ideal as a contact staff! Thanks to this staff, you will light everything around you without any additional lighting. Possibility to choose different colors and modes thanks to the And that\'s not all, the new version is working on 5V! You can charge at festivals, in the car, from the power bank ... Just like your phone using micro USB, anywhere you can think of. Learn more below. 

Handsticks Juggle Dream sale

Handsticks Juggle Dream

$14 -25% $18

Juggle Dream \'Superglass\' diabolo handsticks are strong, lightweight and come with comfortable padded EVA rubber handles. Unlike some basic sticks, the string passes straight into the top of the handstick and comes out a few centimetres down on one side. This removes the knot from the top of the stick making some new moves possible and others easier.



$161 -10% $179


You\'d better sit down because you\'re looking at the most luminous levistick on the market! With our levitation wand you will be a star that everyone will see, even in the neighboring village. And that is not all, what this beauty can do. Our levistick handle 20 colors and 19 different modes. We stuffed all of it into just a 20mm wide tube, so manipulation is seriously easy!

Rainbow clubs sale

Rainbow clubs

$125 -10% $139

Rainbow clubs

We have created a real speciality for you and every juggler to become a star with. Supported by the world-known club manufacturer Mister Babache we have created ideally balanced clubs that are exceptionally durable and super easy to juggle. So just how many are you gonna keep up in the air?

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